Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz, one of the busiest squares in Berlin in the past, was devastated during World War II and bisected by the Berlin Wall. Today, the completely renovated resort shines again with pre-war splendor.

Potsdamer Platz was the site of the development of a dense commercial and cultural activity during the nineteenth century and some remains of that evolution are still preserved, as is the first light across Europe, operated manually.

After the war and the subsequent construction of the Wall, Potsdamer Platz shredded became a forgotten vacant lot next to it.

It was after the fall of the Berlin Wall when the square became an attractive developable area that architects used to build a number of representative buildings of the new unified Berlin.

The square is located quite close to the Brandenburg Gate and is entertaining short road walk that walk, following the divide land that marks the path that ran along the Berlin Wall.

Climbing one of the tallest buildings in Potsdamer Platz, the Kollhoff Tower, with 25 floors and 100 meters high, you can enjoy one of the best views of downtown Berlin. The entrance to the gazebo, called Panoramapunkt is in the Alte Potsdamer Strasse.

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